Remote Control for High Bay Microwave Sensor

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The Remote Controlled External Microwave Sensor for LED High / Low Bay fittings. The sensor will switch your fittings on/off when movement is detected, it also has the ability of corridor function using the 1-10V cables, when attached to a compatible driver. (Remote Control sold separately). The microwave sensor can be set internally via the dip switches, a remote control can be purchased separately to enable future changes to the settings without having to gain access to the fitting.


- The remote control is only compatible with the latest version of the HLBMS (PO: 3032).

- The remote control has the ability to override the manual settings selected on the microwave sensor, this gives greater flexibility when installing.

- There are no limitations to the amount of compatible sensors the remote control can operate.

- The remote and sensor communicate via infrared, this means that line of sight is required. This is useful when you only want to change the settings on certain sensors, without effecting any others.



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