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I have a faulty fitting what is the procedure?
Send in a debit note and we will either call to discuss or send you a returns note.
My delivery has arrived and I am missing a box of fittings what can I do?
Call Customer Services & we will investigate.
I have a damaged product what can I do?
Send in a debit note and a replacement order for the damaged fitting and we will sort out a credit.
I’ve been sent the wrong products I need the correct ones sending out can you sort it out?
Send in a debit note for the incorrect products and a replacement order and we will then collect the wrong goods and your account manager will send out the correct ones.
My goods aren’t here yet can I have an ETA?
Goods can be out for delivery until 5.30pm. If it’s not come on the day you expected, or after your timed delivery slot – Call Customer Services & we will investigate.
Can you check the progress of a debit note please I sent it via the fax or email and I’ve not heard?
Absolutely, Call Customer Services & we will investigate.
Have you got a copy of the credit note for debit note.... my accounts department still have this outstanding?
Call Customer Services & we will investigate.
Can I have a POD please?
Yes no problem, call Customer Services & have your Red Arrow reference number ready, this will usually be RA0000xxxxxx
I have a technical question who do I need to speak to?
Our Customer Service Engineer.

Technical FAQ's

Can the WFT258 non-corrosive be used in a cold room?
Yes all of our non-corrosive light fittings are rated to function in temperatures ranging from -20° Celsius up to 60° Celsius.
What is the maximum wattage lamp that can be used in the fire rated downlights?
A 50W halogen can be used if it is a aluminium reflector if a dichroic is to be used then 35W is the maximum.
What is dichroic?
Dichroic is a lens coating which filters out some of the heat causing the heat to be dissipated to the rear of the lamp this is sometimes desirable when the lamp is illuminating delicate heat sensitive items.
Can the ELVKIT be used with a GU10 lamp?
No. It can be used with MR16 low voltage halogen lamp. We are currently looking into developing a alternative kit for GU10s.

Customer Service

Click here to view all our customer service information including contact details, office hours and our warranty procedure.